Paul Perdomo has studied and achieved a beautiful style that has brought two cultures together in his photographs. He captures and tries to show very intimate moments in the lives of people, and at the same time he does not hold back and transmits a great deal of fun, and Latin culture to his sets and work ethic.

After graduating from the University of California San Diego in 2002, obtaining a B.A. in Visual Arts (film & video) with a minor in Photography, Paul decided to attend Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara for a full year to obtain a new level of technical control needed to bring his photography to a professional level.

Paul has never lost his sexy and upbeat attitude that the Venezuelan culture has brought to his life. He has embraced the U.S. culture and mixed it with his Venezuelan background. Now he is entering into the world of Commercial Photography and he is ready to open his path and leave his mark in the world of Photography.